Viewpoint Binoculars

Viewpoint Binoculars

Binoculars are an accessory that will enhance any viewpoint.

Views are the main reason for and focus of any lookout point. The viewing angle can vary considerably depending on the location, orientation, and its penetration into the landscape. The ideal situation is the option to have 360° views, in a dominant position (on the landscape) that is as close as possible. In any case, the design of the viewpoint should aim to achieve that goal and there are several possible ways of doing so:

There are different types of viewpoint binoculars:

Use of viewpoint binoculars:

Binoculars are features that enhance a viewpoint and are greatly appreciated by visitors (especially children).

They tend to be vandal-proof in order to avoid damage from improper use as well as weather resistant.

These stand-alone devices are usually easy to install by anchoring them to a firm base and do not require any additional installation.

They are also a distinctive product in their own right. They are much appreciated in restaurants and terraces with views, with the free to use type being most appealing to and valued by customers.

They are often accompanied by an interpretation table or an orientation map of the most interesting places to see.

It is important to note that viewpoint binoculars are not devices that are designed for stargazing and are not generally used at astronomical viewpoints.

Viewpoint BinocularsV3D (20x80)

V3D (20x80)

Viewpoint BinocularsV1C (30X80)

V1C (30X80)

Viewpoint BinocularsT1C 30X80

T1C 30X80

Viewpoint BinocularsV1 (25x80)

V1 (25x80)

Viewpoint BinocularsT1 (25x80)

T1 (25x80)

Viewpoint BinocularsV2C (30x80)

V2C (30x80)

Viewpoint BinocularsT2C (30x80)

T2C (30x80)

Viewpoint BinocularsV2 (30x80)

V2 (30x80)

Viewpoint BinocularsT2 (25x80)

T2 (25x80)

Viewpoint BinocularsMirador OPAKUA 28X110

Mirador OPAKUA 28X110

Viewpoint BinocularsMirador OPAKUA 25X100

Mirador OPAKUA 25X100

Viewpoint BinocularsMirador OPAKUA 20X80

Mirador OPAKUA 20X80